Frequently Asked Q's

How fast can I get emails?

The speed at which we can fulfill orders is directly related to the availability of stock. Generally, we aim to process and ship orders within a 2-day window. However, please keep in mind that during specific periods throughout the year, such as instances when technical complications arise or an increased demand is experienced, our fulfillment may be temporarily slower.

Warranty & Returns

Discover peace of mind when shopping with us. With a 14-day warranty and a no-refund policy unless we are unable to fulfill your order, we prioritize your satisfaction and provide you with the utmost assurance in your shopping experience.

How do I get product support?

To ensure satisfactory support, please raise a ticket on our Discord server

SnowServices Discord

How do I create a support ticket?

For optimal support, kindly submit a ticket on our Discord server. Please include your order number and provide a detailed description of the issue. Additionally, if feasible, attaching images showcasing the problem would be greatly appreciated.

SnowServices Discord

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